6 ways to share love notes on your wedding day

Photo via The Black Tie Bride
Photo via The Black Tie Bride

Just like your middle school days of passing love notes, the messages you send on your wedding day are some of the greatest love notes of all. Some couples choose write each other a sweet note while others opt to meet before the ceremony and tell each other how they feel to be marrying one one another. Regardless of what method you choose, be sure you tell your partner how much you love them and are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with them. 


On your shoes

Wear your partner’s love note on your walk down the aisle by having them write it on the sole of your wedding shoes. Not only does this mean getting a surprise on your wedding day when your shoes are delivered to you, but it also means kicking your feet up for a few sweet photos. 

Photo via Favim

Photo via Favim

Via messenger

Write your spouse-to-be a sweet note and have a family member or member of the wedding party deliver your love notes to each other. This can be something you write as you get ready, or a love letter you have been working on for awhile. Anything that conveys your excitement to marry this person is the perfect note. 

Holding hands

If you want to talk before the ceremony but save your first look for your walk down the aisle, stand on opposite sides of a door or wall and hold hands. Not only will this allow you to hear each other’s voices and talk about your marriage, it will also make for some great photos to look back on. 

First look

Capture every moment of the first second you lay eyes on each other by doing a first look photo shoot. Your photographer will be able to photograph every happy tear and smile that results from when you see each other or read love letters to one another. 

Gift or card

Give your significant other a heartfelt card or gift of sentimental value. Consider a piece of inscribed jewelry or fashion accessory with your partner’s initials on it or a trinket they have been eyeing for awhile. Make a scrapbook of your relationship, or give them a box of your favorite photos. Whatever you choose, make sure it has meaning and is something they will enjoy receiving before the wedding. 

Photo via Wedding Gifts

Photo via Wedding Gifts

Sewed inside apparel

Let your partner wear your love note close to their heart by sewing it to the inside of their jacket, dress, tie or other apparel for the day. If your message is too long for a small patch, write it on a pocket square or handkerchief they can carry with them.



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