Equally Wed



The American Civil Liberties Union objects to a Montana district court’s dismissal of a domestic partnership case, The Advocate reports. It has appealed the court’s decision regarding Donaldson and Guggenheim vs. State of Montana.

Jan Donaldson and Mary Anne Guggenheim, pictured, partnered for 27 years, filed suit after a doctor refused to update Donaldson on Guggenheim’s condition following hip replacement surgery.

“This case is about treating people fairly and humanely,” Donaldson said. “We just want the dignity of having our committed partnership recognized as worthy of those legal protections.”

The ACLU argues fair treatment for all, guaranteed by Montana’s state constitution, requires same-sex partnership recognition. Jennifer Giuttari, ACLU of Montana legal director, believes taxpayers deserve to be “treated equally and fairly by our state.”

“When two people are in a committed relationship, they should be eligible for benefits, like filing a joint tax return, regardless of whether they are a same-sex couple or a different-sex couple,” Giuttari said.

Photo: ACLU

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