Equally Wed


Lady Gaga is set to become an ordained minister so she can perform a wedding ceremony for two of her closest friends: two women. The singer is preparing to officiate the nuptials for her New York City yoga teacher Tricia Donegan, following the passing of marriage equality in the state in June. 

She told celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, "I'm actually getting ready now to be ordained to marry one of my best friends, Tricia, who is also my yoga instructor."
 The pop star, an outspoken campaigner for marriage equality, is also considering overseeing gay weddings at her concerts once she becomes ordained. 

She adds, "That would be fabulous. I like that idea—we can pay for the reception! Maybe we'll have (designer Jean Paul) Gaultier make me a priest outfit, so it can be official. Or controversial!"

An outspoken proponent for marriage equality, Lady Gaga is even discussing performing gay weddings at her concerts for her fans.

Photo: Courtesy Lady Gaga 

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