Know someone transitioning? There’s a Hallmark card for that!

transitioning Hallmark card
Photo via Twitter @renatasnacks

Do you know someone who is beginning, or in the process of, transitioning? Are you unsure or what to say and are looking for the perfect message of support? Now you can say it with a Hallmark Card!

There is a card currently on the market for celebrating those who are transitioning. The front of the card is decorated with a large butterfly and reads, “You’re becoming who you’ve always been.” The inside of the card is short, sweet and simple with the message, “How wonderful is that?” written in all caps. 

Photo via Twitter @renatasnacks

Photo via Twitter @renatasnacks

A tweet went viral a few days ago after the Hallmark card was found in a store by a teen librarian, Renata Sancken, while she was shopping. Sancken snapped a few pictures of the card and took to Twitter to share her thoughts along with the photos.

“I’ve never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning before! Capitalism triumphs over hate??” she wrote to her 1500 followers. 

Of course, the card sparked a debate on Sancken’s Twitter post, but Hallmark’s reply was the best response of all. 

“Love always wins ❤❤” Hallmark responded to Sancken. 

The card was filed in the Encouragement section, labeled, “Encouragement: Transgender/Transitioning.

Photo via Twitter @renatasnacks

Photo via Twitter @renatasnacks

Can’t find this card at a store near you? That’s ok, you can order it on Hallmark’s website along with a wide variety of other greetings available in their “Out and Proud” collection.  




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