Long awaited proposal with firefighter engagement shoot

Long awaited proposal with firefighter engagement shoot

Marissa and I (Brittany) were lost in the world of “needing someone” to feel worthy, loved, and important. Both stuck in the typical first corrupting relationships most of us have to find ourselves fighting to get out of and wasting, we will call it the “learning ” years of our lives, continuing to hold on to the poison that we were hurt by numerous times until we realized God had much better plans for us.

Not realizing to be first introduced during this pivotal time of life’s lessons and becoming acquaintances, that years down the road we would find the true gift God had planned for us all along. We finally both realized our self-worth and let go of the poison we once thought we needed. As time grew on and we found out more of what we wanted and didn’t want in a relationship, come to find out we were secretly social media stalkers just hoping for the day that we might meet in person through the friends we had in common.

At least 5 years from the first time we met, we finally grew into the best person we could both be individually, for each other. If at any other time we would’ve tried to make something out of our secret social media, friend-of-a-friend, crush it wouldn’t have worked. We would have ruined the plan God had for us all along and probably disliked each other. Both at different ends of maturity (or what we thought it was), both at different points in careers and just two different mindsets going through life, learning through mistakes. And thank God we did! Thank God for his perfect timing! We finally hit that point. We didn’t need anyone to be fulfilled in life, we didn’t need the title of being in a relationship that people so desperately desire, we didn’t need a poisonous/meaningless relationship and both knew exactly what we did want out of life. That’s when we finally became bold enough to reach out and see what this years of crushing on each other could turn into. I finally got the guts to ask her out on what will now be the best and last first date of my life!

I invited her to come out to a beach bonfire where we played around with friends, looking out at a beautiful Super Moon that rose up over the calmest beach tide I’ve ever seen. She was scared of the ocean but trusted me enough to take her out on a paddle board where we would float out, what seemed to be, closer and closer to this ginormous moon coming up over the edge of the gulf coast. When we got back into shore and the sky got dark enough, we put out the fire, laid next to each other on a blanket in the sand where we talked while being in aw of a meter shower that just happened to be on the same night! That night was like God saying, here… This is what I’ve been working on, just for you. All the pain and hard lessons make sense now and if I had to, I would do it all over again. Just to have the opportunity to spend my life with her! Over a year of dating and us both wanting a lifetime together I asked her parents for their blessing, invited my family and hers to a special ceremony I had planned on the Seawall of our hometown. She was surprised and had the most beautiful tears of joy in her face when she grabbed mine to kiss me and say YES!

Over a year later, we finally have the plans rolling for our wedding and we couldn’t be more excited to share this day with both of our family’s and friends. It hasn’t always been easy with them. It took a long time to get family and some friends to understand us as lesbians. We are loving, caring and compassionate people that happen to love each other. After many fights and years we all soon came to understand each other. My fiancé and I had to understand that our parents didn’t know how to deal us being lesbians, they didn’t know what people would think or say. They were scared of the evil things others might do to us, all coming out as anger causing fight after fight. They didn’t understand us and why we we’re this way… it must be a phase or us acting out for some reason. With a lot of love, conversation and truthfully, acceptance from the world, it showed our parents that we are fine. We are safe, being who we are. We are accepted. Of course there will always be a jack ass here and there that has a comment, but it doesn’t phase us. Our family’s understand that all we have is love and all we want to do is continue to give that love away to each other, and to others. We couldn’t be more happy with the support our family’s give us now. They are truly happy for us and support us in planning our wedding! Which is such a blessing. We are counting down the days! Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever, I DO!

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Photographer: Chelsea Wilmot Photography

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