Nontraditional wedding entertainment ideas

Photo via "Woodstock wedding with petting zoo and fire eater" on Equally Wed
Photo via "Woodstock wedding with petting zoo and fire eater" on Equally Wed

When it comes to wedding entertainment, the debate is usually between a band or a DJ. For some couples though, the entertainment decision goes beyond the music. Looking to provide a show for your guests? Consider some additional sources of entertainment for cocktail hour, during the reception or as part of the after party. 

Firebreather/sword swallower

Shock guests with a thrilling show. Bring in some daredevil entertainment and mesmerize guests with impressing stunts. Want all the fire without all the intensity? Have an outdoor bonfire for guests to enjoy, perfect for warm or chilly weather. 

Carnival games

Ring toss, water guns, darts and more! Spending the day at a carnival or amusement park is always a blast, so why not bring the fun to your guests? If amusement is your thing, consider going all out and have a carnival-themed wedding with rides, cotton candy, popcorn and maybe even some yummy funnel cake. 


Love a good card trick or sleight of hand? Wow guests by bringing an illusionist to your wedding. The perfect entertainment for cocktail hour, a magician will leave guests thinking, how’d they do that? Plus, auditioning these entertainers for your wedding can be a lot of fun. 

Petting zoo

What’s cuter than one animal? Several! Let guests pet and feed animals or play with cute puppies. How often do you get to dress up and take adorable animal photos? Having a petting zoo is a great activity for outdoor weddings or weddings with children (or children at heart) in attendance. 



End the night with a literal bang. Surprise guests by lighting up the night sky with a fireworks show. Make sure to have a photographer on hand for some cute firework couples photos. Fireworks not legal at your venue? Don’t let that dull your shine. Instead, give everyone a sparkler or two and kick off life as newlyweds with a sparkling exit.


Have you had a special kind of entertainment at your wedding? We want to hear about it! Comment below and tell us all about it. 



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