How to photograph your engagement ring (other than on your finger)

photograph your engagement ring

Places to photograph your engagement ring, besides on your hand

You’re engaged and chances are you haven’t stopped staring at the new shiny thing on your finger. As much as the thought of taking it of may make you cry a little inside, trust us, it’s for a worthwhile reason. On-the-finger ring photos are gorgeous, but if you are looking to capture photos of your new favorite thing from angles you can’t capture while wearing it, we’ve got the inspiration you’re looking for.

Ring photos are perfect for an engagement session. If you’re doing a photo shoot for your engagement, include ring photography on your list of must-have shots. Photographers have the quality equipment and editing skills to perfectly capture your ring’s sparkle and shine. For couples forgoing the engagement shoot, ask your wedding photographer to capture photos of the engagement and wedding rings before or after your ceremony. After looking at what other couples have done with their rings, we think you’ll be ready to take yours off for photos (but only for a few minutes).


Stand the ring(s) up

While this photo opportunity can be a tricky one to capture, the results are beautiful. Standing your rings up gives a great angle to capture any details or engravings that are on the top or bottom of the ring. This works best for thicker bands as they have a bigger base to stand on.  


Lay it on a table or other decorative surface

The best alternative to standing up your ring for photos, laying it down gives the photographer new angles to capture inside and overhead views of your ring. This is a recommended position for rings that are personalized on the inside.

Clothes and Shoes

Incorporate your favorite apparel into your engagement photo. Meet in school? Place your rings on top of your college hoodie.  Wearing shoes with a special message on the bottom for your wedding? Incorporate your footwear into your photos by resting your ring on your toes or taking off your shoes and placing them on a table or outdoors. 


Plants and succulents

Provide a soft, natural backdrop for your ring by putting it on a flower or succulent or hanging it on the stem of a plant. Incorporate your favorite flowers and colors for this photo. 

Ring holder

It may sound like a no brainer, but displaying your ring on a ring holder can create a beautiful display. Ring holders can be dressed up or down and incorporate your personal style, favorite animal or wedding color scheme. 

How are you photographing your ring? Share your photo inspiration with us below. 



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