Styled Shoot: White Winter Lesbian Wedding in Snowy Colorado

While snowshoeing one day in her neighborhood, Maureen Mika, a wedding event stylist, came across a stately canopy of trees. An archway in the branches revealed itself, and softly sent her dreaming of a wedding aisle. She loved how the snow played off of the evergreens and the mountainous terrain. When designing this shoot, she wanted to keep those same elements involved.

The natural snow white, so elegant and pure, dancing gracefully with the rest of the rugged and colorful Colorado landscape. The design was very much white on white, yet subtle whispers of color gently foreshadowed, complimenting the clean, expertly executed cake design. For the bridal attire, she had the two brides coordinate in alluring white gowns. However, she wanted each bride to have her own unique, artistic style. Maureen chose dresses that had beautiful bead work and full skirts that added to the elegant, dreamlike theme. One bride wore a beautiful head wrap, while the other wore a delicate beaded headpiece and lace gloves.

From the wedding stylist Maureen Mika: “In the constant fight for equal rights in marriage, love has always proved to be the ultimate powereven though judiciously, only recently. Congratulations on the victory! The group of vendors I work with are proud proponents of the LGBTQ community, and can’t wait to participate and share more of these magical moments!