The best Black Friday deals for brides, brooms and grooms who prefer products over plasmas.

Most people are highly anticipating Thanksgiving dinner—the casseroles, the stuffing, the pies! But if you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, you’re likely more worried about calorie counting to fit into your custom-tailored tux or wedding gown than you are about the turkey.

Well, here’s something you can look forward to: Black Friday! Though those two words often send visions of crowds instead of sugarplums dancing in our heads, these deals are worth slipping out of bed—and into the insanity—for. You’re going to need beauty or grooming products for the big day, and now is a money-saving opportunity to stock up. With all of the cash you save, you can spend it on something even better… like the honeymoon. And for those who prefer to click than head to the brick, we included some online specials you can receive from the comfort of your home.

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