In This Issue: April 2012

Letter from the Editor

Real Weddings

in-this-issue-april-2012Jay & Paul
A contemporary take on Jewish tradition, this energy-infused wedding in upstate New York enticed even the shyest of wallflowers onto the dance floor.

Courtney & Katie
The breezy beaches and gay-friendly flavor of Provincetown, Mass., played a key role in the wedding of these two DIY darlings.

Kevin & Pete
An ornate Italian garden on a historical estate set the backdrop for this handsome duo’s New England nuptials.

Barbara & Yelena
Jewish tradition infused with Russian celebration turned out to be the perfect equation for a this couple’s Brooklyn-based nuptials.


Reaching for the Greener Good
Gay and green come together to create an inspirational eco-wedding scene.


20 Eco-Friendly Wedding Gowns
Leave a small yet stylish carbon footprint as you walk down the aisle in one of these 20 eco-couture wedding gowns.

With This Ring, I Send a Message
Jewelry designer Rony Tennenbaum chats with us about his LGBT engagement and wedding ring collections, and commitment to marriage equality.

Beauty & Grooming

Pro Picks: Eco-Friendly Products
Our four favorite green beauty experts weigh in on their go-to products.


Flower Calendar: Guide to Seasonal Wedding Blooms
Floral design expert Elisabeth Zemetis helps us break down the wedding industry’s most popular blooms by season.

Green Guide to an Eco-Friendly Wedding
Go green for your wedding theme using eco-friendly elements, from flowers to photography.


For Gays, Marriage is Taxing
Married LGBT couples must navigate the tax tides of filing multiple returns to satisfy state and federal governments.


Across the Divide
A conversation on differences between same-sex marriage in the United States and Lebanon.

Right-Wing Homophobia Not Surprising
Actor and right wing cheerleader Kirk Cameron’s recent controversial anti-gay comments made headlines, but were they all that shocking?


Georgia on My Mind
Honeymooning in the sweet South saves money and soothes the soul.

Sponsored Editorial

Green and Gay
Nestled on an immaculately landscaped setting in Connecticut, a charming eco-friendly bed and breakfast specializes in same-sex weddings.

Viva Love Vegas
Las Vegas is cashing in on the wedding industry, evolving from elopements to full scale wedding destinations, and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is leading the pack.

Luxury in Long Island
The Garden City Hotel brings century-old decadence to modern day weddings.

Photo by Ryan Carville Photography