Sara Gilbert shares the sweetest story of how Linda Perry proposed to her.


Celebrity actress (Roseanne) and The Talk cohost Sara Gilbert announced her engagement to songwriter and record producer Linda Perry on Monday. The terrifically tender and sweet proposal from Perry had all the makings of magic, and we’re thrilled for the pair. Watch Gilbert spill all the heart-happy details in the video below, with a genuine note about marriage equality at the end, which is what prompted the normally introverted and self-described shy lesbian to share her personal story.

Gilbert has been a long-time advocate for marriage equality for same-sex couples, and publicly came out as a lesbian in 2010. Gilbert has two children with former partner Allison Adler, (co-creator of The New Normal), and has been vocal in her support of the overturning of Proposition 8 and DOMA at the Supreme Court.


Photo and news source: GLAAD