Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry are having a baby!


“The Talk” host shared the news on the show when she was faced with a dare involving her laying on a bed of nails and having another bed of nails put on top of her … and then a cinder block on top of her stomach and then have it smashed with a sledgehammer.

Seems far-fetched as a dare for any sane person, pregnant or not, so maybe the producers were in on it, but her co-hosts sure looked surprised when Sara said she wasn’t going to do the dare and revealed why, stating, “I really do believe in facing your fears and doing things that make you uncomfortable, but I actually can’t do the dare because I’m pregnant,” Gilbert said, fighting back tears.

“I feel good, I feel really good…at first I was really tired,” she added. 

This is Gilbert’s third child (the first two are with former partner Allison Adler, co-creator of “The New Normal”). Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry married in March 2014, and got engaged in April 2013. (Read their adorable engagement story!)

Watch the fun clip from CBS below. We love how joyous her coworkers became from the news!

Read how her closest friends and sister have been responding on Twitter (and Sara’s and Linda’s responses!):