A Perfect Fit Rev

15112 Lavergne Ave Oak Forest 1 60452
15112 Lavergne Ave Oak Forest 1 60452

If you are looking for the ‘perfect fit rev’, then look no further; as my strong desire and enthusiasm in celebrating people in a positive light on one of the most joyous days of your lives will, no doubt, shine through during the performance of your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony is THE most important part of your wedding day. I’d be honored and consider it a great privilege if you invite me to participate in your momentous day by granting me the opportunity to marry you. My experience in working with LGBT couples, and my education through the Gay Wedding Institute in Massachusetts, has given me the foundation in helping you bring into reality what you envision transpiring on your wedding day. Have your ‘love story’ told making it even more magical! My passion is my guide and you, as a couple, are what will draw that passion out during your ceremony performing it eloquently and elegantly to where you and your guests will be absolutely enthralled! And so, here I am with open arms joyfully offering my services to you as an ordained minister and wedding officiant!!! Until we meet, may your days be filled with spectacular fun!

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