Ashley Batz Photography

San Francisco 1 94102
San Francisco 1 94102

Ashley Batz is a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has loved photography from a very young age, and has pursued it as a passion every since she picked up a camera. Taking classes in photography throughout high school in Marin County, at college at Santa Clara University, and working for various photographers, Ashley knew more and more that this was something she wanted to do for a career. Upon graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in both Art History and Italian Studies, she immediately sought a career in photography and has never looked back. As a wedding photographer, Ashley creates a comfortable, candid atmosphere where the couple and the guests can be themselves, allowing for their true selves to shine through in the images. She is in love with love, and often tears up at the weddings she attends. She loves to know each couple’s story and works to create unique imagery to each event.

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