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Madi&Taylor Washington Coast Elopement
Madi&Taylor Washington Coast Elopement
Intimate PNW wedding
Roslyn Washington Backyard Elopement
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Seattle, WA, USA
449 Madison Street Seattle Washington 98164 US

Hi there! I’m Alesha your Seattle Wedding and Elopement photographer. Nothing makes me happier than capturing authentic moments with rad couples who might be a little spontaneous, adventurous, or down to try something new. The PNW has so many amazing landscapes to offer and if you want to get out there and explore them, then I’m the photographer for you. But it’s not just about documenting, I want to show your love for what it truly is, because it is beautiful and holds a story that needs to be told.

When it comes to your wedding day there is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding. It’s yours after all, so make it as unique as your love and let’s capture moments that reflect your lives together. Whatever the day has in store you can know confidently that I will be there capturing timeless images that will bring you back to that momentous day when you look at them.

As your photographer I’m here to tell a story of effortless love, family, friendships, time, patience, planning, and so much more.

So let’s do this thing already and go on and adventure! I’m your hype woman ready to get goofy and weird with you.

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Madi&Taylor Washington Coast Elopement 3 years ago
Roslyn Washington Backyard Elopement 3 years ago
Wedding Bands 3 years ago by Alesha Brown
Intimate LGBT+ Wedding 3 years ago by Alesha Brown
Intimate Wedding Decoration 3 years ago by Alesha Brown
Brick Wall Studio Engagement 3 years ago by Alesha Brown
Backyard Ceremony 3 years ago by Alesha Brown
Intimate PNW wedding 3 years ago
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