Dolce Studio Films

5877 Washington Blvd Arlington 1 22205
5877 Washington Blvd Arlington 1 22205

Dolce Studio Films is an award winning company that specializes in fresh event filmmaking. We focus on capturing not just the public performance aspect of your day, but also the joy, the attitude, the mood and the impermanent sweetness of life. We then take those captured moments in time and artfully create a permanent motion picture window to your past. Our goal is to have you smiling, laughing, grow quietly serious and sigh deeply with content while watching your film. You can expect us to be as unobtrusive as possible on site in order to capture your events as they unfold naturally. We shoot in a documentary style using equipment that excels at capturing footage in low light conditions without the use of big lights. We employ cinematic editing techniques using Final Cut Pro, the same software used by Hollywood. Your final product can be delivered in innumerable formats including SD, HD, Super 8mm, DVD, HD Blu-Ray and as emailable or uploadable clips. Our standard packages are all Hi-Definition 1080i on DVD or Blu-Ray. Our services include 1, 2 or 3 camera coverage options. We provide everything from an hour of raw footage to fully-edited multiple day coverage. Our prices range from $979 – $5575. We are happy to customize packages as well.

Allow us to capture your sweet life.