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Cause We Can Events | Nashville, TN

Have you ever been told your vision is too outragous, too unconventional, too… impossible? Us too, but we didn’t listen.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, we truly believe that your wildest dreams can come true. Since we founded ‘Cause We Can Events in 2012, we’ve done it all: from building a three-day festival wedding in the Moab desert with live bands and unlimited food and drinks to hiking with a couple and their 30 guests to a river in Scotland in the pouring rain. We’re more than just a full service wedding planning company. We want to focus on the experience, not just the pretty details.

Underlying every event we’ve planned is a sense of adventure and a deep love of the great outdoors and all of the natural elements that are a part of it. We’ve all been to that incredibly gorgeous, but totally predictable ballroom wedding, where the food is bland, the schedule is set and the pictures and speeches consume the entire night. It might be the wedding our parents wish we’d have, but it’s also the kind of event that makes the curious, adventurous souls among us want to elope.

If you’ve been dreaming of an out-of-the-box, non traditional wedding experience but you’re not quite sure how to pull off, come and tell us everything, starting with the most off-kilter or outrageous details. We might not be able to put you on the moon, but we’ll try our best to make your dream come to life, among the trees, under the stars, on a dance floor made of dirt or sand—or if it suits you, yoga mats. We’re up for anything.

Our ideal couples are: 

  • Adventurous and willing to get their hands and their attire dirty

  • Obsessed with fun, but are also decisive and responsible

  • Open and willing to try new things

  • Eager to create a memorable experience, but aren’t stuck on the details

  • Not trying to top other weddings, but want the event to be personal, memorable and unique to their identities

  • Understand the value of including professional vendors to ensure their event runs smoothly and safely​​​​​​

All are welcome here. At ‘Cause We Can Events we celebrate all religions, races, sexual orientation, gender identities, abilities, and ethnicities. From the couples we serve to the teams we build, we are committed to making room for everyone at the table.

Rock N Roll Couple
Huntsville, AL, USA 97.57 mi

At The Stylist Abroad we celebrate the most beautiful you with ease. We provide hairstyling services for the marrier(s) as well as any attendant, friends, family and really anyone else you’d like to include. You can expect a completely custom look for your needs & wants all done on location of your choosing. We come to you so instead of stressing you can sit back, relax & get pampered by expert hands with premium products that are 100% cruelty free & vegan. ALL hair types, textures, curl patterns, traditions & style ideas are not only welcomed but adored, (with oodles of experience to boot). Services are performed by licensed & insured cosmetologist with extensive experience in bridal styling, extensions, wig placement, accessories arrangement (including live flowers) & veil placement. We are Equally Wed Certified Inclusive and LGBTQ+ inclusive welcoming ALL couples. This is all about you & it’d be an absolute honor to bring your vision to life.

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