Janet Howard Studio

Atlanta 1 30326
Atlanta 1 30326

I’m an emotion junkie. I love seeing the exchanges between people – tears, laughter, stories, love. And even better than that is the opportunity to catch those fleeting moments in a creative way. I always say both our dreams and our memories are kind of like the Hollywood version of reality: when we remember good times with our family and friends, the skies seem a little bluer, the colors a little bolder, the sunset a little more spectacular. Our dreams for the future have that same quality. Photography lies in that magical space where our dream materializes into an image. I want my photography to match that even-better-than-real-life quality, with images that leap off the page or screen. Those images do more than document history. They reveal romance, love and tenderness. They draw you in to spectacular settings. They live where our inspiration becomes reality.

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