La Fête Chic


La Fete Chic is a full-service events company, offering brides sumptuous weddings, lavish floral design, and an intimate wedding planning experience. At La Fete Chic we believe: True Style Trumps Trends – we want you to look back at your wedding pictures in 20 years and enjoy its timeless elegance, not cringe at its trendiness. It’s All About You – which is why we have a dedicated Bridal Concierge and Stylist. And why we only do 12 full-service weddings a year. Our focus is always on you.

La Fete Chic Is Unique – just like you are! Engaged couples should pick their wedding planners with this in mind. There are so many talented planners in Austin it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect one for YOU. For example, if you’re going for a charming and rustic look, hire a planner who has done lots of work like that. The same if you want something modern and hip, etc. And if you want classic glamour and decadence, call La Fete Chic! That’s what we do best. At La Fete Chic we’re here to help you to develop your wedding vision, keep you on schedule and within budget, and make the planning process stress-free and enjoyable. Culminating in a wedding that is beyond beautiful, classic, and very very chic!