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My name is Tirzah. I offer Wedding Coaching, Premarital Coaching, and Officiating services. I am a Queer-Owned business and started NearlyWed Coaching after spending a decade as a Licensed Social Worker. After navigating the wedding industry when my wife and I were getting married in 2019, we experienced firsthand that not all vendors are inclusive and aware of how to make Queer couples feel seen and safe. I started NearlyWed Coaching to change how couples are getting married by providing a support system that focuses on the emotional side of the wedding planning process and affirms and celebrates couples of all identities!

NearlyWed Coaching Services 

Wedding Coaching: Wedding Coaching is an unbiased support system to help you navigate the wedding planning process, with a special focus on the stress, anxiety, and emotional dynamics that often show up throughout the process. Let’s keep it planning can be really hard (there can be a lot of expectations, pressures, and external opinions). I am here to help you navigate this journey while being true to yourself. Together we will create a wedding that is truly what you want and authentic to who you are as a couple.

Premarital Coaching: Are you looking for an unbiased support system to help you strengthen certain areas of your relationship? I use a strengths-based approach to help you LEVEL-UP your relationship and become more connected as you enter into marriage. Our sessions are guided by where you are at and where you would like to be.  I will help you gain useful tools to improve your communication and connection.

Officiating: In-person officiating service for your small wedding or elopement includes a 60-minute collaborative session to create your ceremony before your wedding day. I believe in the importance of getting to know you as a couple and what makes your relationship and love unlike any other. We will work together in collaboration to create an intentional ceremony that is aligned with your belief system and is authentic to who you are as a couple. Your ceremony is the heartbeat of your wedding and who you choose as your officiant is an important decision. I offer a free discovery so we can connect and you can see if I am the right fit. I would be honored to be by your side as you cross the threshold from Nearlyweds to Newlyweds!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

-Tirzah(She, Her)


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Such a great group of people

Tirzah and Falon understood us so well, they composed such a lovely ceremony and helped us all along the way with ideas and suggestions all while getting to know us individually and who we are together

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Everyone needs a Tirzah!

Tirzah is truly a one of a kind rockstar when it comes to wedding counseling. When we began our search for a wedding counselor, we were feeling flustered with our wedding planning process. As a queer couple it was incredibly important to us that we have a wedding that was representative of us as couple, this led to a unique and very personal approach that felt very stressful at times. When we met with Tirzah, she quickly assessed the situation with both empathy and compassion. We then decided to book 4 sessions to move forward with the process. Each session we were able to tackle emotionally activating conversations in an affirming and safe place to process and make decisions that felt aligned with our most authentic selves. Throughout these sessions, Tirzah went above and beyond in providing insightful questions, personal experiences and comforting reassurance. We truly felt like we came out of this journey stronger both as a couple and as intentional planners of our big day. We will forever be thankful for the meaningful lessons and conversations we had guided by Tirzah. We highly recommend Tirzah to anyone who is looking to deepen and broaden their wedding planning journey and relationship with each other.

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Couldn't have picked a better person to help us tie the knot

As a queer couple, we’d never had much experience with non-traditional weddings and didn’t quite know where to even begin to plan a wedding that would suit us. Tirzha took away all the anxiety of planning and kindly held our hand through the whole process, from getting to know us to creating something we were comfortable and happy with. The day of the wedding they even won the heart of both our mothers! We really couldn’t have picked a better person to help us tie the knot and we’re sure no matter what service of Tirzha’s you end up using, whether its counseling or officiating, that you’ll be well taken care of. – Adrian and Lyle

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Amazing officiant and premarital coach for any LGBTQ+ (or not!) couple

We used Tirzah’s services for premarital coaching and officiating, and it was no question the BEST purchase we made for our wedding. She is so fun and wonderful to spend that kind of time with, but she also helped us gain additional insight into our relationship and calm down some pre-wedding jitters by providing a viewpoint into our relationship from a neutral third party. Our ceremony was absolutely magical as well–she really blew us away with the quality of her writing for the script and her general amount of preparation and thoughtfulness in the process. We will be loudly recommending Tirzah to absolutely anyone who needs her services for YEARS to come.

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Absolutely would recommend to everyone!

Some key things that really stood out for us were the attention to detail, excellent communication, and support throughout the planning process. It was really such a special thing to have Tirzah delve into what makes us tick as a couple and convey our love through a beautiful intimate ceremony. I think back on our wedding day so often and out of all of the vendors that we hired there is not a single one that met the standard that Tirzah set. We cried during every planning session because she brought up raw emotion in the questions that she asks to help us reflect on what it is about each other that made us want to get married. As a gay couple we knew we wanted someone that could truly appreciate the significance of our marriage and what it meant to us as a marginalized group who would not have been able to get married just a few years back. Tirzah went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with all of the wording of the ceremony and made sure it would convey a message of love acceptance, tolerance, and kindness. We also chose to include a handfasting ceremony as a symbol of our commitment to each other and the bond that we share. Tirzah made sure everything went smoothly and included us every step of the way while offering her own insight. Overall, it was exactly what we had envisioned, and I can’t imagine that special day being the same if it were not for her. Tirzah, we cannot thank you enough for your hard work or for the kindness and love that you spread. Once again, LOVE WINS!

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5 ⭐️

My fiancé and I made a last minute decision to elope in beautiful Colorado. We felt like trying to find someone that is excepting of our sexuality was going to be hard, until we found Tirzah! We first contacted her seriously 2 to 3 weeks before our wedding date. We thought it was going to be hard to piece everything together in such short notice but Tirzah made it so so easy and helped us every step of the way.

Thank you again, Tirzah, for making our day so special in every way.

Sending love and good vibes,
Payton & Shayleigh Armstrong

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AMAZING Wedding Coach

Tirzah’s wedding coaching helped my wife and I to plan the authentic wedding of our dreams. As a couple, we had vastly different ideas of how we wanted our wedding to look. Finding a middle ground for this huge event in our lives, proved to be difficult. Tirzah was able to talk us through some of the hardest decisions for our wedding, and help both of us compromise and meet each other in the middle. She took the time to listen to us, and truly understand where both of us were coming from. She got to the core of each of us, and what our values and beliefs are as individuals, and how that influenced what we wanted in a wedding. She helped us take both of our ideas and turn them into a wedding that celebrated both of us as individuals and as a couple. Tirzah helped us strengthen the dynamics of our relationship during one of the most difficult decision making processes that we had gone through as a couple. As a multiracial queer couple who come from different cultures and backgrounds, it was important for us to find vendors who can understand our unique experience. Tirzah truly saw us, understood us, and celebrated us and our relationship. We loved working with Tirzah, and highly recommend her to every couple who is planning a wedding. She helped us and our relationship in every step of wedding planning, so that when we walked down the aisle we were more confident and strong as a couple than ever before.

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