Rabbi Mordecai Genn, PhD


Dr. Mordecai Genn is a Rabbi committed to the idea that loving relationships transcend religious, racial and sexual identity. He strongly believes that all people should be allowed to celebrate and formalize their loving relationships with another, via ceremonies of commitment, and marriage, when such ceremonies are legal in their locale. He has officiated at interfaith and interracial weddings for many years, and is a duly recognized officiant in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Florida.  Rabbi Genn enjoys helping couples develop personalized ceremonies which meet their needs and draw on the richness of our many religious traditions.  He provides couples mature counsel and a broad perspective on cultural issues, largely a result of his Ph.D. studies at Brandeis University, and of his many years of community service, as congregational Rabbi and as an educator. Currently, Dr. Genn serves as the Executive Director of Bet Helavi, a not-for-profit ecumenical religious service organization.