Sacred Affairs

PO Box 342351 Austin 1 78734
PO Box 342351 Austin 1 78734

I don’t marry same sex couples … I marry people in love!  If you are in love then that is the only requirement.” Rev. Lorelei I believe that the gender of a couple is not  important, the quality of their love is what matters. Love is timeless and everlasting, it is clean and pure. All humans have the right to marry the person of their choice.  Marriage is a celebration of faith, hope and love, and I celebrate that one perfect love, no matter what!

I am booked all over the country with couples who find that ministers in their state won’t marry them. If you are looking for someone to marry you and you don’t reside in Austin, I will gladly fly to where you are. Yes there are fees associated with this. Airfare, hotel and my fee. And remember I am booked a year in advance so call early!