Steve Kimball Photography

P.O. Box 411 Harvard 1 1451
P.O. Box 411 Harvard 1 1451

The man behind the lens is Steve Kimball, a professional Boston area photographer specializing in wedding and special event photography.  Steve has been delivering photographic memories around the globe for more than 30 years.  He combines technical ability and a personal drive to create remarkable and timeless photographs that are original and powerful. Steve’s passion and dedication to serve his clients is readily seen in the body of his work.  He takes great care to capture the feelings of the day, as he highlights the people, places, details and events of the wedding celebration. “One of the greatest pleasures I have as a photographer is getting to know my clients.  I like to take the time to work with them in a way that is engaging and fun.  Nothing is more rewarding than that personal connection; and the images that result can be outstanding, to be treasured by all celebrants, forever.”

• Fresh approach to wedding photography
• Blending of photojournalism and directed approach
• Dedicated to providing the highest quality images
• Reliable professional service to enhance your photographic experience
• Member of WPPI, PPA, and several professional organizations