This just might be the most adorable Virginia engagement photography session we’ve ever seen. Here’s Emma and Haleigh’s engagement story in their own words…

We love telling everyone that it was love at first sight in the toothpaste aisle at Target but… we met online after stalking each other many a time.

Finally, I asked her out on a date to American Tap Room in Arlington, Virginia.

We nervously met, and ended up sitting at the end of the bar for over 5 hours just talking and instantly connecting. At the end of the night we walked to each others cars (which happened to be right across the street from each other) and I mentioned to her to text me when she got home so I knew she was safe. She eagerly texted me back and asked me for a second date which I made her plan. We ended up going to U Street and dancing at Nellie’s and having the time of our lives. It was truly history after that! Now we have a townhouse together in Reston, Virginia, with our three animals (the petting zoo as we like to call it), our terrier mix, Pilot, our sheep dog, Warby, and our Maine coon cat, Captain!

Photos: Krysta Norman