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Marriage Equality News

European rights court finds Romania in violation of LGBTQ+ rights and orders legal protections for same-sex couples 

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Tuesday, May 23, that Romania has violated Article 8 of the European Convention, which protects the right to respect for family life, by not legally recognizing same-sex marriages and by not giving LGBTQ+ couples any means of legally safeguarding their relationships. With this ruling, the ECHR issued an order for Romania to enshrine legal protections for same-sex couples.

Marriage Equality News

Namibia Supreme Court orders government recognition of same-sex marriages from other countries 

In a landmark ruling, Namibia’s Supreme Court dictated Tuesday, May 16, that the government must recognize same-sex marriages contracted abroad between Namibian citizens and their non-citizen spouses. Notably, the nation has yet to codify protections for legally recognizing same-sex marriages taking place within the country’s borders and between two Namibian citizens.