Shopping for a wedding suit requires a combination of strategy and planning, but ultimately comes down to what makes you comfortable, affordability and what makes you look your best. Wedding suits run the gamut from modern to classic design, a variety of fabrics and myriad colors and patterns. Many brides, grooms and marriers are renting their wedding suits these days for the flexibility, practicality and financial benefits.

While planning for the big day, one crucial decision often overlooked is whether to rent or buy your wedding suit. While buying a suit might seem like the traditional choice, renting has become an increasingly popular and practical option for modern couples. If you’re considering renting a wedding suit, here are your top wedding suit rental questions answered.

Tux and Suit Rental Timeline

Q: How much does it cost to rent a tux?

A: People who don’t frequent black-tie events don’t have many reasons to purchase a tuxedo. Instead, renting a tuxedo might be the better option for several reasons, according to Generation Tux. First, you can get your hands on a quality tuxedo without paying the full price. Second, you won’t need to worry about where to store your tux or how to maintain it in mint condition – it will come when you need it and go once you’re done with the event.

Of course, renting is significantly cheaper than buying it. But what kind of price should you expect? That’s precisely the question we’ll tackle in this article. Plus, we’ll tell you what makes up the price of a rental tux and explain what you’ll need to pay when renting a tuxedo for a particular occasion.

Tuxedo rental prices aren’t a one-size-fits-all. We can tell you that the average price of a basic rental tux is about $140, but that won’t serve as particularly worthwhile information. After all, there are so many different tuxedo types and the perfect one for you that exudes style will likely be more expensive.

Due to all of the moving parts that determine the final price of a rental tux, an average cost will be there only to help you get your bearings when picking a tuxedo. Depending on what style, design, brand, and accessories you choose, you could pay, on average, between $100 and $250 to rent a tux for the standard period.

All rental tuxedos from Generation Tux cost $149. They’ll arrive at your address two weeks before the set date. You also need to return the tux a generous three days after the event, giving you more than enough time to cure that afterparty hangover. Plus, if you’re renting a tux for your wedding, you’ll have 48 hours to try out the style before deciding on the model you like the most.

Expect to pay extra for accessories like pocket squares or lapel pins, cufflinks, and vests or cummerbunds, which will cost a minimum of $20 to $30.

Two grooms in Generation Tux suits and tuxedos

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Q: How much does it cost to rent a suit?

A: Renting a suit for a wedding is much more affordable than buying one. As suit trends in cut and color shift, renting a new suit for every formal event, from weddings to parties, makes more financial sense than buying a suit that rarely leaves your closet. The wedding suits to rent from Generation Tux range from $79 (blazer only) to $159.


Q: Where to rent a tux near me?

A: The future of wedding formalwear rental is online. You don’t have to spend time driving to and from a store. You can build your look and get fitted online. Need help planning your look? Chat with real people at Generation Tux’s Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky. A Generation Tux Stylist will help with tips, the latest trends, and any advice you need on formalwear for your wedding or special event. With Generation Tux, the suit and tuxedo rental process comes directly to you. For busy couples, online suit and tuxedo rental is the only way to go.

Generation Tux ships its rental tuxedos and suits anywhere in the United States.

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Q: Are there wedding suit rentals for women?

A: Clothing rental companies for women are growing in popularity. If you’re AFAB (assigned female at birth) and prefer a more masculine look, Generation Tux’s suit and tuxedo rentals are a great choice for your wedding suit. Our nonbinary publisher, Maria Palladino, went through the tuxedo rental process with Generation Tux, an LGBTQ+ inclusive company, and said the entire program was gender-affirming and easy to do.

Q: How long are wedding suit rentals good for?

A: When renting a wedding suit, it’s important to make sure you have enough time to select the right suit for you — and then enjoy it! With the Home Try-On program at Generation Tux, you can preview your wedding look in advance. Their reliable delivery service ensures that your suit or tuxedo arrives 14 days before the event, providing peace of mind and ample time for final adjustments.

After your event, place all of your rental items in the prepaid return bag included with your order and drop it off at your nearest UPS Store location. It’s not due back for 3 days, no reason to rush. It’s that simple.

Follow this tuxedo and suit rental timeline as a guideline for renting wedding suits for yourself and your wedding party:


Generation Tux Rental Timeline


Renting a wedding suit offers a pragmatic and stylish alternative to purchasing. From cost savings and access to designer styles to convenience, sustainability, and the perfect fit for any occasion, the benefits of renting are numerous. Ultimately, it’s a choice that allows you to look your best on your special day while making wise financial and environmental decisions. So, why buy when you can rent and make your wedding day not only memorable but also sensible?