Telisha and Patricia had a magical maternity session in the woods of Moss Beach, California. From the adorable little shoes they have for their little one to the drop-dead gorgeous baby pram, this beautiful session truly captures the beautiful, magical world of pregnancy and motherhood. 




Photographing Telisha and Patricia has been such an amazing journey dating back to their engagement, wedding, and now to the most magical thing ever — a growing baby! Telisha and Patricia’s photos have always been adorned with magical light, happy smiles, and the sweetest of memories.

This maternity session featuring Patricia is nothing less than all of the rest. In fact, it’s more! There’s three beautiful beings, now. Keeping the theme of the gorgeous cypress trees from their engagement session, the couple choose Seal Cove Inn, which had an amazing grove of cypress trees all along the coast. Telisha and Patricia brought some of the most precious props to complement their personalities.

The Wizard of Oz book is from Telisha’s childhood; her grandmother would read it to her when she was little, and now they are so excited to be reading to baby while the little one is still in the womb. The vintage pram was an impulse purchase on Telisha’s behalf, and she insists that baby and she will be strutting all over town with it. This beautiful yet stylish couple is definitely one of the most inspiring couples I’ve been fortunate to shoot.


Photography: Alicia Gines Photography