Strong marriages are built on friendship! We’re so happy to share Taylor and Kait’s Ohio same-sex engagement session and love story in which they share how they love spending time together and how that blossomed into their engagement. 

From the couple:

Taylor and I struck up a friendship immediately. I jokingly called us “bros” because we would hang out and watch TV and talk about everything under the sun, including past relationships. I was fresh out of a terrible breakup and she really helped me through that. That friendship grew quickly over the next few weeks and I believe that is why we are so unbelievably close now. I know it sounds cliché but she is literally my best friend! We do everything together which has made wedding dress shopping so hard because I want her to see them and help me pick but at the same time I don’t want her to have any idea what I am wearing! We both come from large families and for the most part everyone has been very supportive of us getting married!

Photos: Tessa Blackstone Photography

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