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Shawn & Deonte
Shawn & Deonte
Corie & Kaley
Shaan & Abirami
Razan & Mohammad
Natasha & Norman
Sarah & Kylee
Alison & Hannah
Rylee & Obi
Engy & Rob
Alex & Kelsey
Muncie, IN, USA
108 South Walnut Street Muncie Indiana 47305 US

Replogle Studios is a production company in Indiana that is committed to telling stories in the most truthful and beautiful ways we can imagine. We make chic and lively wedding/elopement films for awesome couples!

We believe everyone has a story, and everyone deserves to be heard. That’s why we are committed to creating inclusive photos and videos that celebrate all loves, bodies, races, genders, abilities, and cultures.

With a specialty in non-traditional weddings, we love to get creative with our clients! We know every couple is different, and anyone that tries to fit you in a box is missing your beauty. That’s why we customize each video to our client’s needs!

We are LGBTQ+ owned and we love working with other members of our community! We love it so much that we offer a 10% discount to folx who’s union would have been illegal 15 years ago.

Visit our website to learn more!

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Shaan & Abirami 2 years ago
Razan & Mohammad 2 years ago
Natasha & Norman 2 years ago
Sarah & Kylee 2 years ago
Alison & Hannah 2 years ago
Rylee & Obi 2 years ago
Engy & Rob 2 years ago
Shawn & Deonte 2 years ago
Alex & Kelsey 2 years ago
Corie & Kaley 2 years ago
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