Genavieve Shingle, owner of My Little Vow, offers 10 quick tips to writing your wedding vows



  • 1. Start early.
  • 2. KISS. Keep It Super Simple.
  • 3. Start with making lists of your favorites things about the other person, favorite memories, what are you promising them in marriage, what have they taught you.
  • 4. From your lists, pick a theme or two. Do you want to be romantic, funny, loving, grateful?
  • 5. Based on your theme(s) pick the list(s) that work the best. Next to each item in your list, recall how you felt in that moment, recall your senses and continue to expand upon the list(s).
  • 6. Practice your speech out loud in front of a mirror.
  • 7. Remember, you are only speaking to your partner. No one else.
  • 8. Write your vows out in clear, legible and large font.
  • 9. Give your vows to your MOH/Best Man before the ceremony to hold for you until they are needed.
  • 10. Take a deep breath and look into your partner’s eyes. Smile. And go.


Genavieve Shingle is the founder of My Little Vow, a lesbian-owned wedding vow writing company.

Photo by | Sarah and Dawn’s Real Wedding