January sees the start of our New Year’s resolutions and, more often than not, by the time the last snow melts, we’re back to our bad habits. But with a wedding scheduled for 2012, you have more motivation than past years, so we have 12 beauty resolutions that, if committed to, will have you looking your best by the big day.

Resolution 1: I will drink more water

Water is the key ingredient in making yourself better, in every sense of the word. It makes your skin glow, hair shine and helps flush out toxins from your body. So do yourself and your body a favor and drink up!

Resolution 2: I will always wear SPF

Whether it’s in your makeup or moisturizer, you should always, always wear SPF (yes, even in the winter!). Protect your skin against harmful UV rays so it can look its utmost best on the big day.

Resolution 3: I will exfoliate

In order to get your skin in tip-top shape, you must exfoliate! Doing so at least once a week will result in smooth and glowing skin on your wedding day.


My trio of products for nail growth.

Resolution 4: I will strengthen my nails

You’ll have lots of close-ups of that newly ringed finger, so now’s the time to start maintaining your nails (I’m looking at you, nail biters!). Keeping your nails painted, even if it’s a clear polish, helps keep nibbling at bay (or try bitter polishes specifically to prevent nail biting). Everyone can benefit from a swipe of nail strengthener every few days—I use a combination of Sally Hansen’s Nail Growth Miracle Serum, VitaSurge Growth Gel, and their Nail Growth Miracle nail color collection. Splurge for a mani once a month to keep your cuticles and hands supple, especially in the dry winter months.

Resolution 5: I will experiment with different looks

Even if it’s in the privacy of your own bathroom, take the weeks or months before your wedding to try out new makeup palettes. Who knows, it may reveal a look you end up wearing on your big day.

Resolution 6: I will commit to a skincare routine

Whether you want to fight acne, even out your skin tone, smooth away fine lines, or hydrate your skin, consistency is key with a skincare regimen. Take a trip to the dermatologist to work out a skin plan that is right for you.


Resolution 7: I will invest in a high-quality moisturizer

Moisturizers are the miracle product for good skin. Used regularly, they minimize dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Look for moisturizers that are rich in antioxidants, such as Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, and don’t forget the SPF.

Resolution 8: I will quit wearing makeup to bed

I know some nights it’s tough, but your skin needs to be clean and clear in order to undertake its normal repair and rejuvenation process while you sleep. Plus, makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, and leaving it on can lead to breakouts and eye infections.

Resolution 9: I will exercise

This is seemingly everyone’s top resolution, but you have a wedding approaching, so you’re definitely sticking it to, right? Right? Not only does exercising at least three times a week give you a hot bod, but it also gives you a naturally glowing complexion, so go pump that iron!


Resolution 10: I will lengthen my locks

For the ladies who want an updo for their wedding hairstyle, now’s the time to start letting your hair grow out. The longer the locks, the more options you have, but be sure to keep it keep your mane maintained with a trim every six weeks.

Resolution 11: I will get my beauty rest

Your body needs six to eight hours of sleep each night in order for it to look and feel its best. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep is a side-effect of wedding planning. But how good you look and feel on your wedding day will be well worth the minute details you may have missed, so put the planner down and allow yourself some zzz’s.

Resolution 12: I will love myself

Learn to accept and love yourself the way you are—spider veins, flabby arms and all. If you don’t know how amazing you are and look, just ask your fiance/e. They’ll be able to give you a long list.

Photo: Tennille & Sarah from Real Weddings Michael Winter of Winter Images