Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, there’s nothing more important than having glowing and flawless-looking skin as you meet your future spouse at the altar. Now, we understand that taking care of your face may be the last thing on your mind with what seems like an endless pre-wedding to-do list, but luckily for you, we caught up with celebrity esthetician Bella Schneider. This simple advice from the owner of California’s LaBelle Day Spas & Salons will keep you looking unbelievably refreshed on your big day. Follow these tips below:

circle_1 Facials. Treat your skin to monthly facial treatments four to six months prior to your wedding day. (Tip: When getting a facial, make sure it best fits your skin condition to receive its full benefits, such as clarifying, detoxifying or antiaging treatment.)
circle_2 Sun Protection. When soothing your skin with facials, make sure you always wear sunscreen—especially two weeks prior to walking down the aisle. You don’t want any signs of red on your day.
circle_3 Hydration. Make sure to hydrate your skin, especially under your eyes with an antioxidant rich night cream to prevent any eye bags. Try Eclos’ Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Cream (available at Ulta for $24.99) for fast results.