Engagement Proposal Tips for Gay and Lesbians

There’s more to a marriage proposal than buying a ring and getting down on one knee. While some people will simply ask “Will you marry me?” at the spur of the moment, others may take their time planning the perfect proposal for months. If you’re thinking of getting engaged, here are five tips you may want to follow:

  1. Know what the person you’re asking would want for their proposal. If he or she would want to celebrate immediately with friends and family, arrange to meet up with a group shortly after you’ve popped the question. If they’re into the romance of it all, make it an intimate moment where the two of you can really be alone and celebrate together.
  2. Rehearse what you want to say. While you don’t have to write a script and memorize it, you should have an idea of what words you want to proclaim.
  3. Bring a camera with you to take photos right after you get engaged. Or ask a friend to hide nearby and capture the proposal with a digital or video camera.
  4. Have a ring with you. If you’re not sure what type of ring to buy your future fiance, ask his or her closest friends and siblings if they have any ideas. And if you’re still unsure, inquire about the jeweler’s exchange policy.
  5. Be original. Everyone knows the story of the ring dropped in a glass of Champagne or set in a dessert, so make your story personal and unique to the two of you. Create a memorable moment that both of you will be excited to share with friends and family over and over again.

Photo: Courtesy of Brittney Hoffman McCabe