I woke up on my birthday morning to a very special surprise of flowers, balloons, chocolates, Champagne and, of course, Sean with a big smile saying Happy Birthday. The balloons took up the whole corner of the living room and were the focal point for pictures for the rest of the day. I thought WOW, I hope every birthday will be this special. My mum was visiting from Scotland and was as equally surprised with the display.

Sean had arranged dinner later that evening with our family and friends to celebrate. Having everyone round a table for dinner is something I enjoy and having everyone together made it extra special. I ordered the foie gras for starters and was eagerly anticipating the meal. Before the starter Sean said he had one more present for me.

Sean passed a beautifully decorated card box in my direction. All eyes were on the box and me with everyone wondering what the last present may be. I opened the box to reveal a card with a heart felt poem describing how much he loved me and that he hopes the rest of our lives together with be equally or more special than the year we had been together. I opened the card for it to read the famous four words everyone either has a nervous breakdown trying to say or eagerly yell yes to, WILL YOU MARRY ME.

My first reaction was sheer disbelief, I closed the box and looked around to see if this was actually happening. Next I saw Seans’ face of eagerness for some positive reaction and him saying “open the other box!”

When I opened the ring box I saw a beautiful shining ring with one set diamond. The feeling of enlightenment was amazing and taking the turn of events in was overwhelming. Everyone was still looking in my direction hanging on waiting for something? Oh yes, YES! I’m not sure what came next the ring on my finger or the kiss but it doesn’t matter, I’M GETTING MARRIED!

The rest of the meal was washed down with plenty of bubbles and laughter and me looking from my finger to Sean to check that it all really happened.

The wedding plans came very swiftly afterwards and are still evolving all the time. With the recent news of the UK parliament passing a bill for equal marriage, I realize that this shouldn’t have to be a worry for two people in love but unfortunately for many other same-sex couples they don’t have this right for marriage and the fight for equality goes on for many other couples in other countries throughout the world.

I hope that one day any two people who love each other will have the right to marry each other to declare their love and show the world how much they are for each other.

With love,
Martin, newly engaged.

Photo: Lara Celenza