Weddings are a time to bring together the people you love the most. For many, this includes their pet. While it’s adorable to dress Fido in a dog tuxedo, having an animal at your wedding comes with special needs. Here are some ways to make sure everyone has a good time.


circle_1 Depending on the number of people, it may be best to leave your pet home. Some pets get nervous when there are large groups of strangers. Being your loyal companion, their first instinct is to protect you. You don’t want your human guests to get hurt, so leave your animal guests at home if this may be a problem.
circle_2 Have someone experienced handle your pet. While it may be adorable to have your young flower girl carry your cat down the aisle, it can be unsafe if they don’t have experience with animals. Have someone in your wedding party who knows your pet to handle them, so no one gets hurt.


circle_3 Animals and clothes don’t always mix. Most animals don’t like to wear clothes. If your pet does, then fantastic. If they don’t, consider putting on a special collar instead like this pretty something blue from GoodeDesigns ($49.99)
circle_4 Have somewhere for your pet to rest. Animals get tired, so having a crate or a pen for your furry friend to go is a favor to them. Remember to have food and water for them as well!