Atlanta couple Amy and Lisa share their adorable and hilarious proposal story from two different perspectives: hers and hers. Their photographer Meg and Kate Weddings captured their visual love narrative in stunning pictures around Atlanta’s most beloved locations.



Lisa brought up looking for rings at the beginning of this year. Inside I was jumping up and down; on the outside, I was probably jumping up and down as well.

We would walk by a jewelry store when we were in a mall (which was never) and make awkward small talk with the guy behind the counter. We went into a good local jewelry store, Worthmore Jewelers, and had a great experience with Laura. I suspected that the question would be coming soon but I had no idea how soon.


I thought that it might happen while we were in Anna Maria, Fla., for her family’s annual vacation but I wasn’t stressed about it. The week came and went with no ring.

While in Florida I got some kind of allergy attack and wasn’t feeling 100 percent. Lisa was driving most of the way home and I was trying to keep my head up in the passenger seat. We were using her phone for navigation when it rang. I didn’t recognize the number; she picked it up, had a quick casual conversation and hung up. She said it was the doggie daycare place confirming that the girls are to get baths that same day.

Well that was completely wrong, the girls were scheduled to get baths the following day!

I told her to call them back. I even picked up the phone, hit the last number, and gave it to her (between coughing and sneezing I wasn’t up for talking). She said that it went to voicemail and that she would call back when we switch drivers.

We made it to the rest stop, got out and stretched our legs, and I reminded her to call the doggie daycare. That is when she said, “Fine! I’m lying! It wasn’t the doggie daycare. It was some place calling to let me know that your birthday present was ready! I’m a horrible liar! I’m sorry.”

Well this just made me giggle and I instructed her to make sure she deletes that number or I would investigate and ruin the surprisewhich she did soon enough.


The next morning she had to go run some errands and one of those errands was to pick up my surprise gift. I was still fighting my cold so I hopped into the hot shower, took some meds, and crashed on the couch. This is where she found me a few hours later with a box of tissues as my new best friend and in my fluffy robe.

I finally got dressed because we were meeting our friend Katie for margaritas (margaritas always make everything better). Lisa popped up and said, “I can’t do this, I got to give you your surprise right now! Come outside!”

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I stood in the doorway in my house shoes while she ran to the back of the car. She instructs me to close my eyes. I couldn’t do this because if I closed my eyes I got dizzy (yes…hot mess) so I looked down at the ground. The next thing I know she is in my line of vision, looking up at me, and quickly saying, “Will you marry me?” as she is placing the prettiest ring I have ever seen on my finger. Well of course I said yes!

We laughed. We cried. We finished getting dressed and headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

It was 100 percent absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. We were in the comfort of our own home, just the two of us, and we celebrated it as we celebrate everythingwith margaritas.

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March 22, 2015. What an epic day. Amy’s play-by-play of the proposal is flawless, just like her gorgeous red hair.

Keeping my Pisces tendencies in check was definitely a challenge during this courtship. In addition to being compassionate and devoted, we are also sensitive and indecisive. And we like to dream; we always have our head in the clouds. I would often find myself dreaming about cool ways to propose: helicopter ride over Atlanta, surprise party with friends in Piedmont Park, re-create the scene from “Say Anything” with a big boom box over my head, etc. I admit I did a lot of Googling! Whatever it was, I wanted it to be unforgettable and blow her mind!

We all define our own perfection. It’s in how we live and how we love. That 24-hour period between driving back from Florida and picking up the ring defined a LOT! It was nerve-racking yet exciting; I wanted it to be over, but then I didn’t want it to end; I felt guilty for having to lie about the “gift,” but was proud of myself for pulling it off. I can be such a silly girl.


Needless to say, the emotions I felt that day were crazy and all over the place. When I finally decided on how to propose, all I could think about was just getting home and not losing the ring. I am known to misplace things oftenit’s a family trait.

Once home, I knew things were going to fall into place, somehow, some way. I was on my home turf, how could things go wrong? The odds were in my favor: the universe had graced me with this wonderful, beautiful, smart and talented woman. She is the one person who completely gets me, and still puts up with me. She’s the one person who can truly make me grin and cry in the same moment. I was pretty sure she loved me unconditionally. Plus, she watches bridal shows like they’re going out of styleI knew she was ready!

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The one thing that Amy did not mention is that she really had been prepared for a moment like this for this past two years. A day or so after our engagement, she surprised me one morning with a ring: a beautiful silver number with my aquamarine birthstone. She had bought it two years ago and had kept it in her car just in case the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in the USA one day. “I wanted to be prepared so I could drive my happy self down to your work once they announced it” were her exact words. That would have blown my “Say Anything” proposal out the door! She made me cry … and grin.

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