Fireworks are a fantastic way to cap off a wedding celebration, especially if your ceremony is close to a summer holiday. But why limit your firework usage to just the end of the night? Equally Wed has a three fun ways to incorporate sparklers and other big, colorful bangs into your ceremony. (Note: Firework laws vary from state to state. Please check with local authorities before deciding to incorporate any of these ideas into your ceremony. And remember—you can’t spell fireworks without fire. Please be careful when handling fireworks and sparklers.) 


Have a Fireworks Display Before the Processional

If your ceremony is starting in the evening, why not mix things up? By having fireworks first, you’ll have a stupendous opening act, and will have everyone talking about your big day for years to come. Just don’t go too big—remember, the ceremony is about the brides or grooms, not a Fourth of July fireworks spectacular.



Have a Sparkler Display at Your Reception

Lately, the big trend with sparklers is to gather people and have them spell things out. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony with outdoor access, you can gather people and have them spell out words like “Love” or “Happy” or the newly wedded couple’s last name (provided that it isn’t too long). These displays, if timed correctly, can give your photographer a collection of awesome photos.



Use Sparklers as Place Cards/Favors

This is especially fun for a backyard ceremony. Get a bunch of sparklers, like these adorable heart-shaped ones from My Wedding Favors. Take three to five sparklers, tie them together with a pretty ribbon, and add a tag with your guest’s name. Be sure to include a book of matches! When it gets dark, the guests can play or save them for another day.