Long gone are the days of couples waltzing in a ballroom studio learning the foxtrot for their first dance as a married couple. Now, newlyweds are upping the dance ante by choreographing their dance floor moves to go along with the likes of Lady Gaga thanks to the entertaining trend that’s been riding the YouTube waves for the past couple of years.


Thinking of incorporating your Broadway play or musical artist into your first dance? We surfed the web for inspiring wedding dance videos that will make sure your first steps into wedded bliss are show stopping.

Little Monsters Sebastian and Ben go from romantic to “Bad Romance” in this first dance mash-up.

Wil and Shaun, married September 6, 2009, start jazzy and end funky with this extremely well-choreographed dance number.

Roy and Kieran begin with dancing sweetly with their moms (aww!) and then cut loose with a variety of songs and dances. These two really impress with the nearly 5-minute memorized routine.

Jen and Tanya add some exotic flair to their first dance as wife and wife.

Guests are shocked with Jason and Paul’s wedding party spontaneously breaks out into synchronized dancing in this flash mob wedding dance.

Dee and Rachel’s first dance goes from sweet to spooky as guests turn into zombies dancing to “Thriller.”

Adam and Jerry’s first dance feels more like a Broadway production in this 10-minute video that’s worth watching till the end.

Kaley and Jo incorporated their love for “Sound of Music” into their first dance by memorizing the choreography for The Laendler.

Have a wedding dance video you want to share? We want to see it! Email us a YouTube or Vimeo link to bdrye@equallywed.com of your wedding dance for consideration.

Photo: YouTube