Bethenny Frankel’s Wedding Planner Shawn Rabideau on Top Five Trends in Gay Weddings

Shawn Rabideau
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To get the scoop on the latest in gay weddings, we caught up with Shawn Rabideau, Bethenny Frankel’s wedding planner featured on Bravo’s Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Every After.

1. Ditching “Here Comes the Bride.” “It’s too traditional,” says Shawn, “But variations of good classical music work well.”

2. Playing Adele. Or anything romantic that speaks to you. “Adele is really hot right now,” says Shawn, “It’s music that has feeling.”

3. Trading Flowery Décor for Masculine Subtleties. Cocktail and lounge-style weddings are replacing the classic settings, says Shawn. “Sometimes you don’t need flowers,” he says. “You need elements like candles or really cool stainless steel spheres that are floating in water. Things like that, which evoke a clubby, unique feel.”

4. Walking the aisle together. Can’t decide who should walk when, where, or with whom? Just take the trek together. “I think it’s what you’re comfortable with,” says Shawn.

Steve Schessler and Jonathan Goldman walked down the aisle hand in hand to “Time After Time” at their wedding. Photography by Dominic Ramirez

5. …Or not walking at all. “This one groom basically said ‘Listen, I’m a shy person as it is. I don’t feel comfortable walking down the aisle,’” says Shawn. “So they started the ceremony in the middle of the dance floor.”

For more info on Shawn and his business, Shawn Rabideau Events & Design, visit Bethenny Ever After appears Monday nights on Bravo.