Having been partial to the gentleman qualities of Cary Grant, Robert Redford and Sean Connery (in his prime), the common thread between their effortlessly debonair appearances is one thing: the right bespoke tailor.


The term has been thrown into every men’s fashion rag recently, having “the right fit” to suit your body type, however, it’s been a trend since the time of Old Hollywood. A recent favorite (and Gilt Groupe-approved!), New York City’s Bindle & Keep is a premier bespoke menswear company that isn’t just for the privileged few. Daniel Friedman, and business partner David Kusy have their eyes peeled for the future business among the wedding circuit and, thanks to Cuomo’s work in New York, hopefully the gay market.



Having customized looks for Manhattan’s famous drag king extraordinaire, Murray Hill, they also specialize in measuring suits and shirts for women’s bodies as well as fashion-forward cuts for gay men. “We’re a few young guys who realize the same-sex marriage community is far too overlooked in the custom suit industry and have made it one of the entrepreneurial cornerstones of our quickly growing business,” Daniel shares.

A typical custom suit takes up to two days of highly meticulous labor. Bindle & Keep maintains an extensive selection of fabrics from cashmere to tweed to the finest in wool, depending on preference. Each client’s unique sizing and preferences are stored with their master tailors, making future purchases hassle-free. If you’ve gone up or down a size, they’re extremely easy to contact to make future changes, just give the right amount of notice.

Whether you’re social media savvy (iPhone pockets included!) or want to hold onto your suit to remember your special day (monogramming is a perfect option), Bindle & Keep is the name to look out for this 2012 as you leave your department store diving far behind.



●     GLBT-friendly brand

●     More attention, better detail to fit

●     Less costly than a designer suit (good price ranges!)

●     Handcrafted collars with leaf-turned edges

●     Hand-picked stitching

●     Italian or English suit fabrics ranging from cashmere to wool

●     Triple-layered sweat shields

●     Interior iPhone pocket

●     Hidden change pockets

●     Shirt tailoring

●     Monogramming options

●     Great customer service