Want a special touch to your big day attire that isn’t so subtle yet doesn’t take the attention away from you? Looking for a unique yet classic wedding gift for your bridesmaids/groomsmen?  Then why not check out Bolbach cuffs and cufflinks?


Bolbach is a luxury accessories company that has taken a men’s formalwear staple, French cuffs with cufflinks, and transformed them with fun colors and globally sourced elements, including the highest quality skins. The inspiration behind the Bolbach cuffs and cufflinks came from designer Jessica Bolbach’s love of the simplicity and elegance of menswear. “I see that as something that can be translated into women’s fashion and interchanged between men and women as well,” she says. “My goal was to create a line of accessories that people would be able to relate to and in turn, create a conversation about something they would want to share with their friends because they were excited.”


The cuffs ($125) can be worn year-round, either on bare arms during warmer months or over the cuff of a plain dress shirt when the temperatures drop (and to jazz up an otherwise plain look). Bolbach also offers children’s cufflinks ($10-$60), which can add an (even more) adorable touch to your flower girl and ring bearer’s outfits. The company is currently working on a full wedding line where it will offer customized cuffs and cufflinks for brides, grooms and their attendants.