Add some zest to your summer wedding with a colorful necktie. A bold and brightly colored tie in summer fabrics like cotton, madras and linen can give your menswear a sunny pop of color without straying too far from the classic look.


Checkered patterns are the name of the game. Available at for $65.


Add some vintage-inspired striped goodness to your ensemble with the Macartney-Stripe Linen-Cotton Tie, available at J.Crew for $59.



You can never have too much yellow gingham. But this particular tie-maker has gingham ties in pretty much every color (in case you prefer to go all out in mauve or periwinkle). Available at for $59.50.


This Indian Madras Plaid Patterned Necktie will bring all the people you find attractive to the yard. Available at J.Press for $79.50.

Sonia Oram is the writer of Dyke Duds, a blog for lesbians, queer women and transmasculine people to share their styles, fashion ideas and stories around clothing.