mark-zmuda-gay-catholic-teacherIn Sammamish, Wash., Eastside Catholic School Vice Principal Mark Zmuda (pictured) says he was fired for marrying a man; the school says he voluntarily resigned. The principal, Sister Mary Tracy, did however admit to suggesting he dissolve his marriage to remain employed. (Because a gay divorce is worth recognizing, but not a gay marriage?) 

“I suggested to dissolve the marriage to save his job,” said Sister Tracy, “I was trying to hang onto him.”

It’s entirely unfortunate that just because Washington offers gays and lesbians marriage equality, they are not protected from discrimination in a variety of places, including religious or private schools which have legal loopholes to allow themselves this type of attack. 

It’s not clear if the school would force a teacher who married someone of the same gender to resign, as opposed to Zmuda, a school administrator.

What is clear, however, is that he has much of the student body supporting him, as attested by this video they made singing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love,” to protest his firing.