During this exciting two-day period that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments against (and for) DOMA and Prop 8, we’re seeing a wave of red on Facebook and Twitter from businesses such as Maybelline, Bud Light and Smirnoff. Tons of celebs have spoken out on marriage equality in the past, but we’re giddy to see it going on right now in the wake of history buzzing about us in a frenzy of potential equality leveling out rights and protections afforded under the law for all, not just some.

Check out this super cute note that Beyonce posted to her Instagram account, which reads “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it #WeWillUnite4MarriageEquality ” on a red sheet of paper:



Sophia Bush posted a popular image she retrieved from Buzzfeed, writing, “Loving all of these moving #MarriageEquality images from @BuzzFeed. Keep ’em comin!” The sign, held by a black man and a white woman, reads, “Not long ago, our marriage was illegal, too. Be on the right side of history. Marriage equality for all.” 



Argo director Ben Affleck retweeted the president, adding “I agree,” to Barack Obama’s request: RT if you agree. #MarriageEquality, pic.twitter.com/6RIEFH1KPD, which included this impressive image:



Equally Wed fan Lance Bass (he gave us a tremendous shout out last year when we launched National Marriage Equality Day) posted this humorous plaque on his Instagram account, naming the top 10 reasons to not support marriage equality, including notable quips such as “Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.”



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