Must-read expert tips on finding your photographer



I often meet couples who think they can save money by cutting costs by either doing some things themselves or hiring their friends/relatives. And while some wedding details can be done DIY style, one area I wouldn’t trust to an “artistic” friend is your wedding photographs.

It’s important to hire a photographer with experience in shooting weddings. A wedding is an event with several acts and a wedding photographer knows where to be and when to capture the special moments of this very special day. By taking a chance on a novice you may save some money, but what you’ll lose are the timeless photos you’ll look back at in the years to come.


I asked New York–based photographer Brian Marcus to share some of his expert tips on what couples should look for when hiring their wedding photographer.

•  Make sure photographers you meet with show you albums of “real” weddings. Not their greatest hit photos. If you are having a New York wedding in December, make sure they are not showing you images from the latest destination wedding or summer wedding they just shot.

•  Look for the quality of their lighting and how well they pose, look for expressions in the people’s faces in the photographs. Are they happy? Do they look at ease? You can really tell how fun a photographer is by looking at the clients expressions in the photos.

•  Ask about the post-wedding process. Do they guide you through the album/printing process? Do they retouch photographs? Do they charge for their time to do all these things? How do they store/protect your photographs. These answers should come out with ease. Any issues with these, move on.

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