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A special speech disguises a gifted proposal

Melissa and I had been talking about committing to each other in a more formal and permanent way for a while. In fact, we’d probably been talking about it from the first week we started dating. Melissa is my puzzle piece of perfection, and I think I knew that pretty quickly. As we started approaching our two-year anniversary (Dec. 31/Jan. 1), I asked what she thought about me proposing to her.

Her response was “that would be awesome, takes the pressure off,” my internal response “that would be awesome, I’d get to make the decisions!” So this past summer, I worked with a local jewelry store to get Melissa there under false pretenses—an art walk—and try on/pick out a ring. I bought it in August and have had it squirreled away here at the house waiting for my birthday.

Proposing on my birthday was perfect to me, as the only real gift I could ever imagine really needing and wanting would be having her by my side for life. So as the evening arrived I wasn’t nervous but so excited. I had been waking up in the middle of the night for weeks thinking about what to say and all the details surrounding the night.  Finally, Dec. 2 arrived and after talking to our parents the week before, I was ready for action.  I found Melissa and told her I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone and would she stand with me.  I shared with everyone how thankful I am for all the gifts in my life and that I count Melissa as one of the most important ones.  I then turned to her and said “I am wondering if you’ll give me one more gift and spend the rest of your life with me” as I was reaching for the ring box (stashed in the waistline in the back of my skirt) she said “uh-uh, no you didn’t” and when I got my question out her cool and calm answer was “nothing would make me happier.”  The room erupted in cheers, and I slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her properly.

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