Equally Wed DJ: Wedding Workout Mix #1
Enjoying exercise is essential for shape-up success, so we hand-picked these motivating tracks to get you ready for slipping into wedding wear


1.  Umbrella (2007), Rihanna.
Powerful, steady and slower than most hip hop, it’s an ideal warm-up choice.

2. I Like It (2010), Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull.
The sexiest crossover artist on the charts, Enrique steamed it up this summer with an American version.

3. Can’t Get You Out of My Head (2001), Kylie Minogue.
Number one in thirty countries when it dropped, the Australian pop diva’s anthem resonates at an excellent exercise frequency.

4. I Got You (1965), James Brown.
The legendary performer’s enthusiasm is contagious, and funk enhances any experience.

5. Physical, (1981), Olivia Newton-John.
Along with the song’s retro goodness, the double entendre is good for a few laughs while you break a sweat.

6. Pump It (2006), The Black-Eyed Peas.
Perfect for stepping up the intensity.

7. 1, 2 Step (2004), Ciara feat. Missy Elliott.
Perfect for keeping the intensity up.

8. Sexy Back (2006), Justin Timberlake.
“Get your sexy on!” With this RIAA triple-platinum dance hit, JT sets the ideal mood for pre-wedding sultriness.

9. Hips Don’t Lie (2006), Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean.
It is anecdotal fact that Latin music bestows on all listeners an irresistible urge to move their bodies.

10. Poker Face (2009), Lady Gaga.
The biggest pop sensation in years, Ms. Gaga’s incredible hooks pull you through those long stretches.

11. Whatta Man (1987), Salt-N-Pepa.
A classic track that sports entertaining, well-known lyrics and a perfect not-too-fast, not-to-slow workout beat.

12. So What, (2006) Field Mob (feat. Ciara).
The Deep South duo fuses rhythm and blues with a hip hop beat, while Ciara’s smoothly provocative voice adds a simple but insightful melody.

13. I Kissed A Girl (2008), Katy Perry.
Amusing and catchy, in Perry’s words this tune is “about the magical beauty of a woman.”

14. Keep It Comin’ Love (1977), KC and the Sunshine Band.
Another disco ditty, it applies to love and exercise, with a special dose of old-timey comfort.

15. Get Busy (2002), Sean Paul.
Persistent beats are an integral factor in workout music, and this Jamaican dancehall hit keeps a solid pace.

16. They (2005), Jem.
Insightful, simple and upbeat, Jem’s toe-tapper is a must-have.

17.  Love Like This (2007), Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston.
Kingston’s adorable Jamaican sound compliments the British beauty’s light-hearted melody perfectly.

18. Dancing Queen (1976), ABBA.
Definitive disco-pop, any of ABBA’s hits fulfill the wedding workout music requirements: even beat, catchy lyrics and a romantic theme.

19. Yeah! (2004), Usher feat. Lil’ Jon and Ludacris.
Usher’s music never fails to lift spirits and energy levels: especially useful toward the end of long pushes.

20. La Vida Loca (2000), Ricky Martin.
Catchy Latin beats coupled with a chorus chock full of fun hooks always delivers a boost.

21. I’m Too Sexy (1991), Right Said Fred.
Fun and familiar, this track reminds us not to take ourselves (or any overzealous gym-goers) too seriously.

22. Fever (2009), Adam Lambert.
Confident and smooth, Adam’s music displays the same grace under pressure he does. (Bonus: It was written by Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga).

23. Crazy in Love (2003), Beyoncé.
You can’t hear it without wanting to shake it.

24. Vogue (1990), Madonna.
When you start to wear out, just remember how hot you will look in whatever you wear out.

25. Black or White (1991), Michael Jackson.
The late King of Pop always hits the right note, while the easy-going rhythm is perfect for cool-downs.