Keep your wedding look lasting into the honeymoon with these tress tips from hairstylist Samantha Gunn.

There are few times in your life when your locks are going to look as stunning as they do on your wedding day. Whether you have cascading romantic ringlets or an updo to die for, try not to wash your style (and money) down the drain on your wedding night. Instead, follow these tips from Samantha Gunn, lead stylist at Atlanta’s William David Salon, to keep your wedding look lasting into the honeymoon. After all, you have far more important things to focus on then fixing your hair each day—like deciding where to take your new wife to dinner. 

  1. Before bed, wrap hair in a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillow case. The slick fabric helps keep the style intact while you sleep.
  2. Dry shampoo is great for oily roots around the hair line for updos and throughout the hair for curls. It’s also perfect for freshening the scent.
  3. Transform your style. Nice curls one day can turn into a really cute half up/half down style or an updo with just a rubber band and a few bobby pins. You can also unpin your updo and drop your curls for a loose down style.
  4. Make sure to use a plastic shower cap over your hair while showering and wait to remove until you’re out of the humid bathroom. This will keep your hair totally dry and free from any moisture that may make your style droop or fall.
  5. Aerosol hairspray is a great product to use to hold your style in place. Stay away from wet, pump hairsprays because they can cause your hair to be really stiff.
  6. Stay away from any paste or wax products if you plan to make your look last. They will weigh your hair down and can make your hair look oily quickly.
  7. Be very careful changing out of your dress and into other outfits. Try to wear items that button down to avoid any snagging.

Photo: Claudia McDade (photography), Erica Bogart (makeup), Samantha Gunn (hair)