Groomsmen, are you on a mission to snag the ideal gift for the grooms-to-be? As couples usually register at the likes of Williams Sonoma, some are neglecting their badass tech enthusiast side. Here at Equally Wed, we’re going to fill you in on the ideal go-to gadgets to make your grooms drool with anticipation and free them of receiving the expected knick-knacks that Aunt Sophie thought would be a good idea. Pool together with the other attendants and give the grooms the ultimate wedding gift.


circle_1 Canon EOS Rebel Xsi SLR Camera: Why not give them something to capture their honeymoon with something other than their iPhones’ Instagram app? Go old school with a newer model and get the new mother-in-law in a scrapbooking frenzy. If they just trust in their iPhone enough, at least slip ’em a small something like this cheeky iPhone case from Gizmon that will at least inspire them to take more photos than they normally may. Available at for $485; for $55.
circle_2 Apple TV: When the new couple is moving forward, they’re going to look into finding some quality time for entertainment and work. Why not take these two items that aren’t found on their registry (they’re likely to forget digital details) and expand their experience with Apple’s television model that consolidates everything from Netflix to iTunes purchases down to digital games. Fun for the whole family … puppy not included. Available at Apple for $99.
circle_3 Duracell Portable Powermat Power System for iPhone 4/4S: For the on-the-go business savvy guy who is hard to reach, this portable battery makes life easier for both parties involved. Available at for $99.99.
circle_4 Megaphone: A classic design for your modern day friend who adores an old-timer aesthetic. This is the sound system for the power saver, as it amplifies your tunes without the extra electricity use. Available at for $490.
circle_5 Tablet Portfolio: Minimalistic and a perfect fit for the easy go-to honeymoon traveler’s gift. Available at Design Within Reach for $190.