Stylish umbrellas to protect you on a rainy wedding day.

While you may think inclement weather will rain on your parade, superstition says that it’s good luck if the sunny skies turn to showers on your big day. But no matter how much luck you’re looking for, you probably don’t want to get your wedding day clothes wet. Protect yourself with a stylish umbrella that will not only cover you from the rain, but also make a great prop in your wedding photos. Here are a few stylish options you may want grab for both coverage as well as a photo op:

bella-umbrellas-wedding carries a large variety of styles, including these Pagoda umbrellas available in a variety of rich colors, $129 each.


Protect the two of you with an oversized golf umbrella. The one here is white but you can find black and two-tone options at various golfing sites and shops. Available for $15 at



Bella Umbrellas rents vintage umbrellas from their collections—bridal parasols, ruffled (shown above right), double layered, classic prints and solids and jeweled handles (shown above left). Prices vary based on style.


Totes makes a clear “Bubble” umbrella so you get added protection and guests can see all of your wedding dress or suit. Available for $14 at WalMart.